Why Do You Need A Marketing Agency?

The internet is full of DIY tools and software to help the small business owner save money by doing for themselves something that would in the past have cost them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.  DIY websites from Wix, for example.  In the past, an entrepreneur could look forward to paying no less than $1,200 for a clean, professional-looking website, and upwards of $2,500 if they wanted to have any sort of moving parts like dropdown menus and slick animations, or buttons that change color and enlarge themselves on hover.

In the past, the only advertising options available were print, radio, television or billboards (for our purposes here, I’m going to consider ads on bus stop benches and the like in this category as well).  Sure, you could print up some cheap flyers at home and tuck ’em under windshield wipers on cars in the supermarket parking lot… but by the time you finished canvasing the lot, you’d see half of your flyers discarded on the ground already – leading many stores to ban the practice altogether due to all the littering.

Now, though, small business owners can even DIY their promotional efforts with the promise of low-cost Facebook ads, utilizing images they designed with free tools like Canva or videos they recorded on their smartphones.  And some folks really do find great success advertising for themselves on social media platforms.  Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat – there’s a new big social media giant rising every week.  But for every DIY superstar who builds a million dollar enterprise without ever paying a single dime to a professional marketing agency or freelancer to build their brand, there are literally thousands of entrepreneurs who have sunk thousands of dollars into social media and Google Ads campaigns and gotten nowhere.

The fact is you’re not a marketer.

Sometimes you just have to delegate!

If you were, you’d be starting a marketing agency, not a roofing company (or dental practice, or veterinary office, or fitness center, or – you get the point).  You are an expert in your field.  Nobody does what you do quite the way you do it, nobody is as good as you are.  You’ve got years of experience in your field, hard won through a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  You’ve paid your dues, and you’ve stepped out into the business world to stand on the merits of your own work and build a future of financial security for your family.  You are living the dream!

In order to succeed at digital and social media marketing, you need at least the following talents:

  • Copywriting
  • A good eye for visual creative assets
  • Understand and build effective funnels
  • Analytical mind for crunching data
  • Able to strategize the little things with the big picture simultaneously

Producing welds so clean they’re nearly invisible makes for a great product to sell your customer, but it won’t drive traffic through your lead generation funnel!  You need someone who knows what they’re doing.

So why not hire an in-house marketing staff?

Well, to begin with, staff are expensive.  A marketing decent professional working as a freelancer can earn anywhere from $50k to $100k per year.  Then you have to account for health insurance costs, time off for illness, vacation time, maternity leave…  If you’re paying one person $4k per month, after you add in all of those other considerations, that employee is going to cost a lot more than the $6k per month you’re paying an ad agency.  And that ad agency is giving you the effort of a team of marketing professionals – how many people do you figure you’ll need on your in-house marketing team, making $4k per month each, to produce the same results?

Then consider that you’ll have a hard time managing a department doing something that you know little to nothing about.  So now you’re back in the position of needing to know more about marketing.  Of course, you could recruit a slayer to serve as your marketing director, but you better believe you’re going to be paying that person a lot more than $48k per year.  Otherwise, they might as well just continue doing their own thing.

What do you really get out of working with a marketing agency?

Well, we can’t speak for every agency or freelancer out there, but here’s what you get out of working with EWF Digital Consulting:

  • Hands-on treatment from a small, dedicated team at a small & dedicated agency.  At EWF, we want to be in the business of you.  You’re growth is our growth, and we take it personally.  With us, you’re not just another account, you’re YOU and we want YOUR business to grow.
  • Experienced, professional graphic and web design at discounted rates.  Most agencies will outsource this work to a freelancer and then charge you more than they paid for the work.  At EWF, we handle 99% of this ourselves and we invoice you depending on which service plan you chose – and for the 1% of this work that we do have to outsource, you’ll pay exactly what we paid (if it’s not covered by your retainer in the first place).
  • The leadership of an experienced marketing professional who’s paid his dues just like you have to get where you are.  Our owner and founder, Ernest Ross, began his career in marketing in door-to-door sales and rose from being a faceless sales rep to a team leader, then an area manager and finally an office manager.  He also has a long history of success in building online communities through social media engagement.  Unlike many digital marketing experts with no background in or understanding of fundamental marketing principles, Ernest’s experience spans both B2B and B2C marketing and he brings every lesson learned in the world of traditional marketing to bear for EWF Digital Consulting.

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