EWF Keeps You Up to Date with Weekly Strategy Sessions

weekly strategy sessions
Weekly strategy sessions help us tailor our marketing service to your needs.

There are a lot of self-proclaimed experts on the internet who will promise you the fastest results for the lowest price – and it may be true that they can generate 2,000 fresh leads for your business every month!  But those leads are often no better than what you get when a motorist passes your billboard on the interstate; they have no idea who you are and aren’t really interested in your offer.  How many times have you received a phone call or follow-up email regarding a product or service you don’t even remember expressing an interest in?

We don’t do that here.  EWF Digital Consulting understands that in order to best serve your business, we need to understand your business.  To that end, our services are designed with a commitment to this process in mind.  Over the course of the next few months, we will work closely with you through Weekly Strategy Sessions and regular updates to help you identify and rigorously target your business’s Ideal Consumer.  In this way, we won’t get you 2,000 random leads, but 100 leads who really want to buy your product or service – and then we’ll re-target those same customers to help you foster your relationship and ensure their repeat business in the future!

You can count on EWF Digital Consulting to touch base with you and your team regularly with regards to the performance of your marketing campaign!  Utilizing the broad range of performance analytics available to us, we will be ready to let you know where your ad campaign’s strongest response is during our Weekly Strategy Sessions.  Armed with this vital information, EWF Digital Consulting will help you determine the best way forward in building your brand and growing your business through Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation strategies built with your business’s individual needs in mind.

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