Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Lead Generation campaign and an Ad campaign?

A traditional ad campaign has sales to the end user as its objective.  For instance, the jewelry store billboard or the sporting goods store radio spot both have the goal of enticing you to enter a shop and spend money on goods.  A lead generation campaign has as its objective the collection of information, usually names and e-mail addresses, which your business can then follow up on to secure the business of those prospective customers.  You can also then re-target those same customers with subsequent marketing efforts, knowing that your marketing dollars are being spent on people who are already familiar with your Brand and your products/services.

While we certainly can run Ad campaigns for your business, the benefits of a Lead Generation campaign include the ability to target your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) very specifically; a billboard reaches thousands of people, a social media lead generation campaign reaches one hundred people who want to give your business money.

Why does my business need Social Media Management?

Every business can benefit from a strong presence on social media.  Right now, as you read this, there is someone scrolling down their Facebook or Twitter or Instagram feed who desperately needs work done on their roof, or their car, or they need dental work, or they want a custom portrait of a loved one and they have no idea where to start.  Right now, someone on social media needs a product or service that your business offers.  And if your business isn’t leveraging the power of social media to reach that person, their money will go to your competitor – whom they found on social media.

Our Social Media Management service includes generation of relevant content on a weekly basis (or more, if we determine that your ICA warrants it) and at least one hour per day spent on engaging with your social media audience (responding to comments and direct messages, as well as sharing relevant content to keep your audience engaged).  This also falls under the umbrella of Content Marketing.

What is Content Marketing and why do I need it?

Content Marketing is the marketing of your business through the posting of relevant content.  For example, a restaurant might post content about ethical and humane farming practices, making sure to mention that they purchase all of their meat from such farms.  In this way, you’re educating your ICA with interesting content while also strengthening and promoting your Brand.  Not only that, but the more useful and relevant content the search engines’ crawlers find, the better your placements in their search results.  By maintaining a blog for your business and sharing that content via social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter, your business can benefit enormously from the organic reach generated by your audience on these platforms.

Does EWF Digital Consulting run ads on social media platforms besides Facebook?

We certainly can.  If we determine that your ICA is most active on a different platform and that Facebook ads won’t produce enough ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for your business, we will spend our time (and money) on the platform most likely to be effective for your business and your Brand.  It just so happens that with over 2.2 Billion monthly active users, Facebook is the King of All Social Media.

Does EWF Digital Consulting offer SEO services?

Not specifically.  Many of the services that EWF does provide will have a positive effect on your business’s Search Engine Optimization in general – especially Social Media Management and the Content Marketing that goes hand in hand with it.  The fact is that SEO is a long-term project – everyone isn’t going to be in the Google Maps 3-pack! – and if we spent all of our time and energy trying to get your website to the top of Google’s stack, we wouldn’t be able to generate a significant volume of high quality leads for your business (which, in turn, will make all of that SEO jazz seem much less important when you’re reviewing your balance sheet).

Why does EWF Digital Consulting invoice before work begins?

Marketing isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  There are plenty of outfits on the internet who will promise to take your garage band to the Grammys overnight, but that’s not our game.  If we get you 500 leads, we want to hear back that you were able to convert on at least 300 of them, not 30.  To that end, we want to become experts in your business – and that takes time.  Paying in advance ensures that our client is as serious as we are about designing the perfect marketing strategy for their business and they’re ready to travel that path with us.  From our Weekly Strategy Sessions to our Graphic Design, Ad Copy and Web Design support services, from Social Media Management and Content Marketing to Brand development and beyond, EWF Digital Consulting is committed to helping your business grow and thrive in today’s ultra competitive digital environment.

How much of my monthly retainer is spent on advertising for my business?

Each month, EWF Digital Consulting will spend no less than one third of your monthly premium on ad spend.  The rest is compensation for EWF Digital Consulting’s many services (setup and maintenance of sales funnels to promote your business’s offer, an ad campaign to drive traffic to the funnels, production of ad copy, split testing, setting up automation to follow up with those who claim your offer so we can turn interested leads into paying customers, content marketing and social media management, graphic design, web design, weekly strategy sessions with our client, daily in-house strategy sessions, etc.) that are all included in your service plan.

How do I know when I’m about to exceed my monthly Graphic and/or Web Design allowances?

EWF Digital Consulting keeps a detailed record of time spent working on individual projects within every Campaign.  Before we pass the 8-hour threshold for Graphic and/or Web Design work on your Campaign, the Account Manager assigned to your business will reach out and let you know.  At that time, it will be between your team and your Account Manager to determine whether to continue with the planned Design work, or to rethink your Campaign’s strategy in order to avoid the overages.

What if I’m not satisfied with EWF’s results?

We genuinely believe this program works. It has a history of providing a return on investment and customers who are ready to buy. We believe in this program so much that if you don’t get AT LEAST 30 CUSTOMER OPPORTUNITIES (name, email, phone number) each month while working with us (including your first month), we will pay your next month’s bill with us.

However, I want to make this 100% clear: In the event that you decide this purchase was not the right decision and you would like a refund, contact our support team at or directly reach out to your account rep and show us you attended all the strategy sessions, provided the team with the access and info when it was needed, responded to our questions, followed up correctly with the leads, and did all the homework and your request will be granted. If you did not, your request will be denied.

The point of this policy is to give both of our businesses an honest chance. It wasn’t designed to enable people to steal the materials, implement half the ideas, and complain it doesn’t work because they didn’t do their part.