Why Advertise on Social Media?

With 2.27 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU), including 1.74 billion on mobile platforms, Facebook is the single greatest path to reaching your perfect customer with targeted digital media – any time, any place.  As of June 2018, Instagram (owned by Facebook, Inc.) had reached 1 billion MAU and Twitter boasts 326 million MAU.  Users in your local area and around the world connect to these platforms from their homes, their offices, during their leisure time, during their work commutes, during their social events, all day, every day.  And the best part is, they’re usually in the perfect mood to receive your message: they’re in good moods, actively seeking stimulation, and they are ready to respond to it!

A study by Yahoo titled “The Receptivity of Emotions” found that reaching consumers when they’re upbeat can increase the effectiveness of marketing in general by as much as 24%, and increases the effectiveness of digital marketing by 40%!  So you can compare that to the effectiveness of your radio spot, reaching a distracted driver gripped by frustration at other motorists.  Or the bus stop poster reaching a commuter who is probably either just at the beginning of a long, uncomfortable journey to work or exhausted on the long, uncomfortable public transit trip back home after.  Or maybe the insomniac watching your ad broadcast on public access cable at 3 a.m. as they nod in and out of consciousness (let’s not even talk about the sheer expense of producing and running an ad during prime time television on a popular channel).  Somebody might see this ad that you’ve paid thousands of dollars to place, but they probably aren’t going to be very receptive to your message when they do.

Social media marketing offers the best potential ROI for your advertising dollar with unparalleled capacity to reach the consumer at a time when they want to be reached and generate qualified leads for your company to convert into repeat paying customers.  So let’s talk today about putting the power of social media marketing to work for you!